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Amphfoil Offshore Foil Boat

The RCI diesel exhaust system was developed as a solution to the IMO’s new regulations for NOx emissions on Walt Schulz’s new patented Surface Effect lift hydrofoil boat design. During the initial testing phase on the Amphfoil it was found that the only diesel NOx reduction exhaust system available was the truck-based SCR system. It became readily apparent due to the excessively high heat (400°C/800°F) required to operate that SCR was totally unsuitable for marine craft. Besides the zero-emissions all-electric motor model, the Shannon Amphfoil also was designed for hybrid electric/diesel generator propulsion for models to be used for offshore wind farm, crew transfer vessels and other government applications.

amphfoil wf in hi seas.jpg

The Future

Today, we have hundreds of thousands of people marching in streets all over the world demanding climate change action. Strict global regulation mandates are in effect to reduce harmful pollutants (NOx ) from diesel-powered vessels under 300 ft.  In addition, regulations are on the horizon to reduce carbon emissions from sea-going vessels. Schulz and the STec Technology team have dedicated their time and focus to overcome challenges in the development of new innovative clean energy systems for the marine industry. Years of hard work and we're just getting started, fostering a pollution-free marine transportation environment for the future, offering the latest in cutting edge, marine hull technologies and high tech building methods. STec's RCI clean tech marine exhaust system, and STec's Amphfoil Clean Energy Super Boat are the only proven solutions to the marine industry’s greener future. 

Reduction of marine diesel exhaust pollution is a global imperative today for the benefit of all  mankind and future generations
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